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bathroom renovations gawler

Have Bathroom Renovations the Way You Want Them

Our bathroom renovations in Lonsdale have left clients delighted throughout the years. Paired with cutting-edge tools and technology, our skills and expertise can achieve any result without compromising quality and aesthetics. Our team understands how unique everyone’s dream bathroom and kitchen is. That’s why we strive hard to provide a service that will allow our clients to enjoy the results of the project.

We will start by listening to your vision. This way, we can list down all the important details and reprioritise them according to your budget. Proz at Tiling experts will not overwhelm you with unrealistic measures. Instead, we will tell you about other solutions that we can take to still achieve want you want. Thanks to our upfront yet genuine way of collaborating with clients, we have quickly become one of the most sought after contractors in Lonsdale. 

Less Cleaning Time with the Right Bathroom Renovations in Lonsdale

Here are some effective recommendations for limiting the routine cleaning necessary following your bathroom renovations in your Lonsdale home.

1. Think About Your Bathroom Partition 

Traditionally, people would add light to as space by removing walls that block the actual light from coming into the space and replacing it with glass. While this can be true, not all people are a fan of glass. Having said that, you can opt for a floating partition wall to let light seep through the space. 

2. Opt for Floating Style Installation
Aside from the wall, the best way to add more light and create an illusion of more space is through installing your cabinets, vanity base, mirrors and more in floating style.

3. Use Large Tiles for Your Bathroom

If you don’t have much time to clean your bathroom, this is ultimately the best advice for you. Although smaller tiles can offer more flexibility and creativity when it comes to design, they can cause more usage of grout. On the other hand, bigger tiles are less likely to use more grout, which can result in a decreased chance of dirt accumulation. 

4. Smartly Choose Bathroom Features
If you want to clean less, then you also need to make sure you’re choosing the right metal tapware, fixtures and storage. For instance, poorly made faucets and showers can rust easily, which can stain your walls and floor.

bathroom renovations gawler
bathroom renovations gawler

Speak with Our Bathroom Renovations Expert in Lonsdale

Proz at Tiling takes pride in our team of specialists for kitchen, laundry and bathroom renovations in Lonsdale. All thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we deliver results that are beyond our client’s expectations. Whether the project scale is small or big, expect the same level of craftsmanship, professionalism, and genuine customer care. 

You’re just a few clicks away from your dream bathroom - contact us for renovations in Lonsdale.

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