bathroom renovations adelaide hills

bathroom renovations adelaide hills

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Our Renovations in Adelaide Hills

Whether you need a total makeover or are just planning to upgrade, we are the right builder for bathroom renovations in the Adelaide Hills. With our extensive knowledge in the industry, combined with our cutting-edge tools and techniques, expect nothing short of amazing from the finished output.
Unlike other contractors, we just don’t focus on the process of building.

Instead, we highly consider what our client envisions for the project. This means that we are only acting as your hand and assistant in making your dream bathroom or kitchen become a reality. That being said, rest assured that our designers, planners, and builders will work together to achieve your home improvement goals.

Pick the Right Tiles for Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide Hills

Unlike other home improvement projects such as new wall paint, choosing tiles for bathroom renovations in the Adelaide Hills involves more considerations. These include finish, material, design, location and installation. While our experts will work with you to guarantee functionality and aesthetics, it’s smart to learn about the ins and outs of the project. For this reason, we will walk you through the factors to ensure you will be happy with the results.

  • Material
    The type of material heavily affects the project as there are different varieties you can choose from. From ceramic to glass, porcelain, and marble, just to name a few.
  • Finish
    Since showers tend to be wet almost all of the time, it’s important to choose tiles that are matte and non-skid. Glossy tiles, on the other hand, are best for backsplashes as they bounce off light, making a space appear brighter.
  • Design
    From the colour to the pattern of the tiles, the design you choose can add character to your bathroom.
  • Location
    There are specific types of tiles that are ideal for each facet of the house. That being said, make sure you’re choosing the most ideal for your bathroom.
  • Installation
    No matter how good your chosen tiles are, they can go to waste if you’re not with a high-quality installer.
bathroom renovations adelaide hills
bathroom renovations adelaide hills

Pick the Right Tiles for Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide Hills

We know how nerve-racking it is for homeowners to get started with bathroom renovations in the Adelaide Hills. But with Proz at Tiling, we guarantee to make the experience seamless and enjoyable. Our team will help you from the ground up, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the project will turn out just the way you imagined it.

“Earlier this year, we employed Bjorne and his team at Proz-At Tiling to completely renovate two bathrooms in our house. We were more than happy with every aspect of the finished job, from meticulous tiling, to the plumbing and placing of fixtures. Bjorne coordinated and informed us every day of the tradespeople involved and the expected time of arrival. At the end of each day, all waste was removed, and everything was tidied up. All of this at a very competitive price! Highly recommended!!”
-Ian Hargrave

Experience our high-quality workmanship for bathroom renovations in Adelaide Hills – call our team today!

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