Bathroom Renovations Hallett Cove

Bathroom Renovations Hallett Cove

Transform Your Bathroom with Renovations in Hallett Cove

We use our home’s bathroom every day, and it’s only normal to want a renovation in Hallett Cove. With a lot of homeowners realising the need to update and transform their bathrooms, a lot of competitors have emerged. However, despite the growth in competition, Proz at Tiling remains unrivalled. This is due to the versatility, skills and expertise we have accumulated over the years. For this reason, customers trust us for the quality of workmanship we provide which leaves them delighted with the results.

Aside from bathroom renovations, you can also count on us for kitchen renovations and tiling projects. Equipped with our licences and qualifications, you will have peace of mind knowing our work adheres to the highest standards. Moreover, our client’s vision plays a huge role to us in delivering them satisfactory outputs that blend well with functionality.

What Tiling Should You Choose for Your Bathroom Renovation in Hallett Cove

Bathroom renovations in Hallett Cove and any other location should start with choosing the right tiles. These materials are a key aspect in waterproofing your floor and ensuring safety at the same time. While our team is always available to help with the selection, learning about tiles can offer you value for a long time.

Type of Tiles

There are a lot of bathroom tiles you can choose from, such as ceramic, porcelain, cement, natural stone, and mosaic. Since the bathroom floor gets wet all the time, make sure you’re choosing tiles that have non-skid properties.

Bathroom Renovations Hallett Cove
Bathroom Renovations Hallett Cove

Choosing a large-sized tile can create an illusion that your bathroom is bigger and more spacious.

Lighter coloured tiles can help in brightening any space. However, this will still depend on the theme of your bathroom.

Decorative Feature
If you want your bathroom floor to have a decorative look, then you might want to consider getting tiles with patterns.

Being creative with the tile layout can provide a more interesting look to your bathroom.

Do’s and Dont’s During Bathroom Renovations in Hallett Cove

To make the most out of your bathroom renovations in Hallett Cove, there are factors you should consider. That being said, here are some simple do’s and dont’s you can use as a guideline:

  • Do research about your prospective contractors to avoid substandard workmanship.
  • Don’t easily fall prey to cheap services.
  • Do plan ahead for your bathroom’s design. By doing so, you can have longer downtime.
  • Don’t skimp on the sink. Instead, check out the wide variety of options.
  • Do prioritise essentials such as storage
  • Don’t get too carried away with trends. They easily change and leave your bathroom out of style in just a short period of time.
  • Do choose materials that give value to your space over time
  • Don’t forget to add textures as it can offer you a more interesting-looking space and even heighten safety.
  • Do consider transitioning to sustainable living.
Bathroom Renovations Hallett Cove

We offer free consultations for bathroom renovations in Hallett Cove. Call us today for your enquiries.

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