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tilers adelaide

Efficient Work with Our Tilers in Adelaide

Proz at Tiling is a well-known company of tilers in Adelaide that offer a premium and thoughtful job. We understand how overwhelming renovation projects are. That’s why it is our goal to eliminate any anxiety that comes along with such projects. We achieve this by prioritising total customer experience and functionality without compromising the design.

From the initial point of contact, our team will listen to your needs and will walk you through each detail and help with your finish options. If you need help with product selection, our team will be more than happy to assist you as well. In addition to that, we take pride in offering on time for your construction start date and managing the entire project from start to finish. Our staff are experts in minimising the downtime for you and your residence by keeping all areas clean and organised.

Tilers’ Guide for an Elder-Friendly Bathroom in Adelaide

It’s quite common for our tilers in Adelaide to work on and solve bathroom issues concerning the elderly. We understand how crucial it is to have a senior and handicap friendly bathroom to avoid accidents that may lead to fatal injuries. To help you, here are some tips for maintaining a quality lifestyle and improving safety:

  1. Choose Your Bathroom Tiles Wisely
    One of the most obvious reasons to ensure safety is by selecting tiles that are skid-resistant. This way, slipping will be less likely to occur.
  2. Get a Handicap Toilet
    Install a toilet that allows better accessibility for those with disabilities. Typically, toilets for the elderly should be higher in order to help them in getting up and down.
  3. Install Grab Bars to Help Them Balance
    It’s also best to add some bars that an elderly person can grab and hold onto whenever they need.
  4. Have a Tub or Shower Chair Available
    Bathroom chairs for the elderly are made to assist them in maintaining their balance while bathing. This will help in lessening the chances of accidents during bath time.
  5. Keep the Bathroom Clean and Simple
    Make sure the bathroom is free from the clutter that can get in the way. It’s best to look for sturdy towel holders and wall hooks to make sure everything is kept in place properly. 
tilers adelaide
tilers adelaide

Tilers in Adelaide Ensuring Safety and Quality

From accurate dimensions to finishing touches, our tilers in Adelaide will ensure to provide installation service beyond your expectations. With our many years of experience, we have already completed projects that have left clients happy for a long time. 

We understand how many clients consider the length of the construction. Recognising this, our team made sure to finish the job within one to four weeks, depending on the project’s scale. Nevertheless, rest assured that you will be amazed by the results we deliver.

Whether your need tilers in Adelaide to upgrade your bathroom or improve general safety, we are the team for you. Call us today for more information. 

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